How Does Social Sensational Work?


Social Sensational assists you in the natural growth of your Instagram followers, using advanced targeting and managing the interactions with your target audience. The results get you the type of connections that you actually want and need. We work around the clock to make growing your Instagram network painless. Start your social sensational campaign now. 

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Simple Process

It's easy to get started. Just fill in your information on our start now page and you'll have taken the first step towards setting up your campaign.

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 Account Management 

Every client we work with has an account manager that will make sure your campaign is always running smoothly. They will be available to discuss your campaign before it starts if you like as well as at any point throughout the process for any needed changes.

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Advanced Targeting System

We use a variety of proven techniques to target genuine interactions with your principle audience to help grow your account and build true fans!

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On Demand

Anytime you'd like your account manager can send you a report on the growth of your account so that you can analyze and make the necessary adjustments to your campaign.


The Process



We manage these interactions for you on a massive scale so that you can grow your following, reach your target audience and achieve social media success.




Choose your plan and checkout


Within 24 hours of your plan selection we will begin setting up your campaign and will contact you if necessary to gather any additional information. If you'd like to speak with your account manager directly you can simply request a phone call and they're available at all times via email. 


Your account manager will setup your campaign and monitor it for you regularely. They will be reachable by email  for any changes or tweaks.


At anytime you can request a report documenting your progress.


What We Will Not Do


We Will Never Get you

Fake Followers

Our Social Sensational organic growth packages will never provide fake followers.

Only buy fake followers and likes if you need a quick boost. It can help in the short term but long term you need organic results

All followers you’ll ever receive through your Social Sensational campaign with us are 100% genuine, active followers.

We Will Never

Get You banned 

Our service is 100% based on proven marketing techniques. You have no risk of being banned by Instagram or any of the other platforms we cover.